Passed Today . . . Thanks too help from this site . . .

DapperDanDapperDan Member Posts: 53 ■■□□□□□□□□
I have been an Electronics Tech. for a life-time. I worked at a CAD/CAM workstation vendor in the early 80's to 93. I worked as a Fire Alarm / Systems inspector. Now I work as hardware support for an environmental company that builds CEM (Continuous Emission Monitoring) systems. Long story short, with all the above experience, why do I get so nervous before these test? I passed the A+ core 9/17 and I could not recall any of the test.
I get the knot in the stomach and clammy hands; the works.

I plan 2 more certifications (Net+, MCP, etc.) before I turn 45, I hope it gets better as far as my nerves go.


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