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Not really directly CCIE related, but just got a new job and there's going to be tons of changes taking place over the next year. I'm gonna get to do a huge wireless roll-out and I'm really looking forward to it.

With regards to the network side of things, does anyone have recommendations of things to read to address change management issues? So moving to a new network infrastructure while keeping the old one going, migration strategies in a mid to large environment? I haven't officially started yet, and don't know how much redesign will be required, but I want to start thinking about it.


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    Change management is purely a process to make sure that "network engineer" can be safe in case if something goes wrong after change. I would recommend you to provide as much information as possible in your change ticket for others to evaluate it.

    - As you said it's too early to say anything, but you should prepare network diagram, prepare configuration, follow change process, and make sure your change is approved before you perform it.
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