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Hi all. Im new to Microsoft and am wondering has the exam been changed around lately like Comptia does with their exams. Im wondering because if I purchase a book in 2001 or 2000 will it be outdated. Thanks. I think I might try for this certifacate and then continue on to getting my MCSA 2000 and upgrading it to 2003. What is the timeframe to get all this done if you have a full time job. Also if anyone thinks going for the MCSA 2000 first is a bad idea pls let me know. I work on a windows 2000 pro laptop, and do not have any other experiece. Thank you.


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    Going for the MCSA is a good idea in my opinion. :)

    As far as the study guides, I am a big Sybex fan. I believe all the MCSE 2000 study guides are on their 2nd edition now. The Windows 2003 study guides are published in the year 2003 or later.

    Go to http://www.sybex.com/sybexbooks.nsf/Certification and look at the books they have listed.

    Time frames are what you want. A couple of hours everyday to go throught the study guide should be enough. For an MCSE cert, it would probably be 6 months to a year to get it all in if you are dedicated to it. You have plenty of time yet to get this done. :)
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