I passed

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Got an 831.icon_cheers.gif

I had about 8-9 sims, that seemed like a lot, but they really held your hand in the scenarios...if I was in a courtroom I would have to say "Objection, leading the witness."

I am going on to XP or Win 7 OR 70-291. I am worried that 291 with no IT work experience to reference will be too much though. I might be better waiting until I switch to a low level IT job (hopefully in the near future) before I tackle that...what you you all think about that strategy?



  • earweedearweed Member Posts: 5,192 ■■■■■■■■■□
    Congrats on the pass, good score icon_cheers.gif
    As far as what you do next it depends. Are you currently working in IT?
    Just my opinion but while you're still "into" the server 2k3 study mode I'd probably go ahead and tackle 291. Since you're not working in a server environment do labs with VM's (do a lot of labbing) as there are quite a few people here who have little or no server experience who tackle these tests.
    I'm on the 2k8 path and have never worked in a server environment before yet the labbing I've done to enhance my studies has given me confidence enough that I'm currently setting up a small office network with a server. I'm still learning as I go.
    No longer work in IT. Play around with stuff sometimes still and fix stuff for friends and relatives.
  • DevilsbaneDevilsbane Member Posts: 4,212 ■■■■■■■■□□
    I was very nervous on the sims. I also had 9. But almost every question opened up the tool that you needed to use, and often even put you on the right tab.

    Congrats on the pass
    Decide what to be and go be it.
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  • Samurai004Samurai004 Member Posts: 68 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks guys. Well I am geared up with CBT and TestOut to begin 291. My MS Press Book is en route via Amazon also. See you all on the 291 forum!

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