Project+ IT Orly?

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Hi all,

afte im done with all MS exams i was looking at doing something project based and this seemed a good starter.

Mean while i was hoping to get my girlfriend to do it as well so im not always hiding away studying while shes on her own and it might help her for career progress as well.

My question is, Is project+ based all around IT or is a fit for all walks of project life?

If it is can annoyone suggestion a route that is suitable for us both. One of the main reasons i liked the project + is the ease to get cbts for it. I see cbt nuggets do one etc. Also PMP apparently needs more than the exam to get fully certified, and if it needs other real life work exp im not it would fit for us.

Thanks for any advice.



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    I'm sure your girlfriend would probably be able to do it with you. The project+ is kind of generic project management. I'd probably get the cbt and a good book if I were you. The PMP requires experience to be certified.
    The Prioject+ is really an entry level cert and doesn't really carry much weight as far as getting you a job. If your working in IT it may just tell your boss that you could probably participate in a project group which would get you some experience,
    No longer work in IT. Play around with stuff sometimes still and fix stuff for friends and relatives.
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