Inconsistency and contradiction during self study

nathanamthornathanamthor Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
In my self-study for the A+ exams, I'm finding a lot of innacuracy and inconsistency between sources. No one can seem to agree on alot of terminology, and maintenance and troubleshooting concepts seem largely opinion-based. Worse, some of the things I've run into contradict actual experience! I guess this is the problem you run into when you mix academic knowledge and field experience.

So since there is no actual "authority" anywhere, can anyone suggest any study references that have the answers CompTIA wants to hear? The tech notes here are GREAT, but I was hoping for something more comprehensive.

BTW, no one buy Sybex's A+ Study Guide by David Groth, unless you want to be told firmly that the correct term for an IDE controller is a paddle board.


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