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So I was just doing chapter 6 (Network Settings) last night in class and at home (using MS Press book) and I noticed that it goes heavily into the command line changes of network settings.

I guess my question is this, how much of that is actually on the test and how much of it can I disregard as far as memorization goes. I've always been one to edit the network settings through the network and sharing center and network adapter settings area on Windows 7, but this looks like it really wants to bang into your head how to do things via the command line instead with both IPv4 and IPv6.

So, should I worry about memorizing it or not?

PS: I've got how to allow firewall traffic memorized already... though that's because I had to enter it in a million times last night and still never got it to work properly... not sure if it was a virtual box problem or just something that's a problem with the labs.

Just tried it again on my laptop (uses Win 7) and got the same error... the line in question is netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="ICMPv4" protocol=icmpv4:any, any dir=in action=allow
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