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Hey everybody. As you can see, I'm pretty new around here. I'm also very new to the cert circuit. I just got my CCNA a few weeks ago, and I have some plans as to what to go for next. I was just looking for some feedback about my ideas, be them good or ridiculous. I'll start by saying I'd like a network admin type job. Not help desk. (not that I'd turn that down if it fell in my lap) Does my "plan" work well for this job goal? I'm not looking at any specific company, I just want to be well rounded and employable. My proposed cert path is:

CCNA -done

Keep in mind I'd like to do all this in the next 16-24ish months. Is this a realistic, well-flowing design path for an aspiring network admin? Is A+ a waste of time? Would adding Network+ be redundant, or even moving a step back? What would be a better choice: MCSA or MCITP? Has server 08 taken enough market (or will it in the next year?) to make that the better choice? Should I look to diversify more with Novell, Juniper, or LPI? I'd really like to be marketable, but not go overboard. Thoughts? Questions? Comments?


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    Do you currently have an IT job? If you dont, your first priority should be getting one. The thing is if you have a ton of certs and no experience to back them up, you might be deemed overqualified for entry level jobs (say helpdesk) and under-experienced for mid-level jobs (say network engineer) since you dont have any real experience. Most people would start out at the bottom of the totem-pole which is usually helpdesk. No one in their right state of mind would give you access to their Checkpoint/ASA/Core switches when you are just starting out.

    As for the certs,

    A+ >> would give you some hardware knowledge but this one is a toss-up
    N+ >> would be silly to do it since you are a CCNA already (5 steps backwards, maybe more)
    Linux+ >> not an easy exam, I wouldnt recommend doing it unless you want to go down the Linux path.
    Security+ >> maybe something I'd do, but more likely I'd do a CCNA: Security. This is considering you want to be a net admin. I'd even more likely go after the CCNP.
    Microsoft >> suited for a systems admin/systems engineer role. But an MCTS or two or the MCITP:SA is not such a bad idea if you want to have a well-rounded skillset.

    Focus more on getting a networking job and keep plugging away at those certs. Dont just get them for the sake of filling up white space on your resume, get them if they'll earn you more dollars.

    Just me $.02
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