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I know there could be alot of stressed in to this exams and being a tech, Im woundering what's the best way to get stress down? any help?
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    If you prepared well for the exam, you should simply trust yourself. Scoring in the 90% on practice exams helps build confidence. You'll have plenty of time so take it if you need it. My advice would be not to do any last-minute studying (ok, maybe read over our TechNotes one more time ;) ) you probably booked the exam because you assume you can pass, stressing yourself about a couple of facts right before the exam doesn't help much. Get a good night sleep, a decent breakfast and enjoy the exam :D
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    very few don't get exam nerves. in the past i haven't booked an exam date until i felt confident that i could pass. i obviously still had pre-exam nerves and doubts in the week or so from booking the exam and taking it. the day or two before are the worst - you can find things that you feel you haven't learned as well as others and can cause yourself serious grief by thinking about it and panic-searching on the internet for more knowledge.

    i cannot learn anything in the few days before an exam. i have no idea if everybody else is the same or not. i just trust my instincts - i wouldn't book the exam if i didn't feel i couldn't pass!

    i don't touch practise exams until i have read through a study book once, and i don't do them seriously until i score about 50%. say once or twice a week. i would have a goal set in my mind for when i would consider booking the exam, and in the week of the exam i would expect to be scoring high-80%+. with exams that you have taken very often, aim for close to 100%.

    and don't study after 7pm the night before. get to bed before 10pm, and, if the exam is booked for the morning period, get a good breakfast and do a quick practise exam. one you know you will score highly in.

    best of luck.
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