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Is their a time limit to upgrade to 2003 like their was from NT to 2000? I don't want my mcsa 2000 to expire once if I finish achieving it.


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    Your MCSA 2000 won't expire, ever. The exam will retire but you are a MCSA 2000 for life. I'm sure the upgrade exams will stay available in 2005, but after that...
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    thank you webmaster, but i have another question for on your comment. Im just beginning to study 70-210 and I want to get the MCSA 2000 because I work on the WIN 2000 Proc desktop at work. But the time I get all three core exams, it could be deep in to 2006. I'm just thinking if I should take the 2003 becasue of this even though 2000 would be easier to learn on. I don't want MS to come out and say you need to upgrade to 2003 before 06.06.2006 and then I run short on time. I don't know, any comments, id appreciate more feedback.
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    Don't worry about it. Even if M$ retires their 2000 certifications, they'll still give you credit for most exams, either as electives or as core exams (like 70-210).

    I'm sure that you'll be able to at least get your MCSA 2000 and once you do you'll be able to upgrade to MCSA 2003 and not have to take more exams than you have to.

    Many networks are still using Windows 2000 Server and I don't see many of them upgrading before deep into Longhorn.
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    Don't worry about the retirement.If you use W2K at work,then go for 70-210.While studying for 70-210,you'll learn new things,and the chance to practice them at work will give you a solid knowledge.Knowledge is much more important than any kind of certification.

    just my 2 cents
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    This was also a concern of mine as I was trying to complete an MCSA in 2000.

    There's a page at Microsoft.com called 'Exams Scheduled for Retirement'. There's links to it at the bottom of most of the certification pages throughout the MS website.

    Microsoft announce any Exams Scheduled for Retirement a full 12 months before they actually retire them, so if it's not on the page then you know you've got at least 12 months to get around to it.
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