Linux newbie pls suggest which distribution for linux+ / lpic

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Hello, please note that I have never used linux and would like that you suggest which Linux I should download that is the best towards practicing for the above mentioned 2 in 1 exam.

Thank You


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    It depends how much of a gentle introduction you need. Go for Ubuntu for a very gentle, softy, touchy-feely introduction (passing LPIC-1 satisfies the requirement for taking Ubuntu Certified Professional exam- once you have LPIC-1 you may take that exam, so that may be another reason to go for Ubuntu) or if you aren't scared of diving nose first, all- command- line, build- by-hand and learn- as- you- go then get your own Linux From Scratch download. Other Linux distros fall in between these two by their newbie- friendliness.
    However if you think of going for RHCE after you complete this exam, get CentOS and work through its Deployment Guide. It won't correspond to LPIC-1 objectives strictly but at least you won't be able to call yourself a linux newbie after that drill.
    My path was a combination of Ubuntu, openSUSE and CentOS but what I started first with was bash scripting. So, it's not about the distro as much as it is what do you want to learn and practice.
    Some define linux expirience by the time they spend with linux, but if you use linux only to consume content then it won't matter even if you spend years with it every day perusing web content and playing media. So what counts is actually the level at which you use linux that will prepare you for the exam and not simply the time you spend in front of your linux box. Since the exam is for junior sysadmin, that is what you should practice with your linux system.
    Good luck and keep us posted on your success and any usefull prep material you came across on your journey.
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