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If I register for 291 to be taken on June 28th and fail, I can retake it on June 30th correct?

EDIT: I called Prometric and they said that it is not adviseable to schedule it like this. Reason being, if I fail on the 28th, it will take more than a day for Prometric to update my status. Then I have to wait another 24 hours after my status has been updated to failed in order to retake which by then will be July 1st and 2nd shot will be over. It is advised to take the first shot before the 28th and the second shot can be taken on or before the 30th but 24 hours after your testing status is updated. So I am going to schedule it for the 23rd. If I fail, this gives me a whole week to study up and retake it on the 30th.


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    My concern would be, that a lot of people are going to have tests booked on the 30th. You won't be able to book your test until after you have failed, and the chance that there are still openings on the 28th seems doubtful.

    It is the same issue that has convinced me to not even try squeezing two tests in this month. I'll just spend an extra week or two and plan on passing the first time. Plus then I don't have to worry about taking the first test a week or two early and failing, and then not being able to schedule the second test. My previous plan was to have about a week, but I think it only would have worked out to be 4 days.

    Even scheduling a week off will severely limit the times that you can test. Hopefully nobody else in your area has your same plan.
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    I am taking the test on the 23rd and hoping that, if I need it, I can book it in a giant testing center in the northern part of the state by the 30th. It is opening on the 20th with 20+ prometric seats and Saturday hours.

    If you're flexable with travel and have a large center somewhere close then the turnaround could be managable but it will be a gamble. Good luck which ever way you do it!
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    Just read this on Microsoft's webpage.
    Note You must wait one day after taking your initial exam before you can register for your retake exam

    So if you failed on the 28th, you couldn't register until the 29th for a test on the 30th. If prometric wants to take longer, then maybe you should have them speak with microsoft about it.

    Here is the link:
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