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Do we have any of these around here? I have found a few good resources on-line regarding voice IE's but nothing really with a suggested lab environment.

I am looking at the lab equipment. Is a MCS-7845 really needed or can I just use a home server with virtual environments?

The 3825 costs thousands of dollars even used. Is there a substitute for this as well, or am I stuck with saving the money?

The 2821 is also very expensive. Is there an alternative to this as well? If not, which one is more important to have, the 3825 or the 2821?

3750... I have one sitting right next to me. 5-10k+ if you get the gig version. Could any other switch cut the mustard?

I am really just asking what everyone is using out there to study for their CCIE labs, or have used. I would rather be collecting equipment to help me in the long run then just buying equipment I'm going to stop using.
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    Voice Home Lab..

    Heres my setup..

    4 Cisco 2811s ( 2 have 1 MFT and 1 T1 CSU/DSU, 1 has 1 MFT and 1 MFT T1/E1, 1 Has 2 2MFT, 1 T1 CSU/DSU)
    1 3560-POE
    1 3750-POE
    2 VM Boxes
    6 7965 IP Phones
    All but the 3750 I got off of Ebay.. I got the 3750 on loan from our Cisco SE :)

    2821s and the 3825s are just a bigger 2811s that has a bigger processor, holds more dsps and modules..

    Dont need a "7845" you can run all the Voice Apps in a VM.. Heck when you run them in VM you get free lab licenses automatically :)

    The differences between a 3750 and a 3560 wont be tested on in the lab.. From what I hear anyway.. :) I have a lab date in August so we shall see! :)
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    Kelkin just about summed it up! 2801 is basically the minimum platform.

    Unfortunately IE voice labs can get quite expensive.

    I went with 3560 switches – the only difference between the 3560 and the 3750 is stacking capabilities (which isn’t tested).
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    chmorin wrote: »
    suggested lab environment.
    If you win the Lottery, build a lab using the CCIE Voice Lab v3.0 Equipment and Software List

    CCBootcamp rack rental web page has links to their Hardware & Topology. Other Vendors and/or Rack Rental places may also have their rack requirements or rack layouts published: Cisco | CCIE Voice Online Rack Time | Self Paced Training | CCBOOTCAMP
    Voice version 3.0 Hardware Layout
    Voice version 3.0 Physical Cabling Diagram

    Everyone pretty much uses the same topology since the Voice Lab was the only Lab with a "known topology" -- don't know if that's still true for the current version.

    Build (and VMWare) what you can -- and borrow or rent the rest.

    You could start with a CCVP Lab first: http://www.techexams.net/forums/ccvp/50772-revamped-ccvp-lab-setup.html
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