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Mind if I pick your brain?
I live in Boise, Idaho, a father of one with a nother coming. .A little history on me first, I started off in the IT field at ITT Tech. I loved the classes there cause I was learning SO MUCH! The problem that I had was it was just so expensive that I cannot afford it. Also from what I understand is people have such a low value of IT Degree from that location. So after that I followed my wife to Phoenix University and started going to school there. After a year I feel like I have not learned anything expect how to write a APA formatted paper. People also seem to have a lower opinion of this school. So I am stuck, trying to decide where to further my career, I have thought about Boise State University. From what I understand BSU teaches to a management track. Not the actual IT Networking.

Untill I decide where to go to school I have decided I am gonna start getting Certificates, doing some self studies and once and a while take a course for IT at BSU. I got my MCAS just recently and am studying for the A+, then going to go to the N+, After that thinking about the Security.

I currently work for a company called Idaho Power, in the position of IT Help Desk.

P.S. Any cool magazines to join just to keep up on new stuff in the field and keep my momentum?


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