Is the book that I have any good?

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I have the Sybex A+ Complete Study Guide Second Edition, Jan 2001.

Is the book still reliable to study for the core part of the exam. I dont need to study much for the OS part. If this book is trash whats the best.
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    I'm not familiar with that particular Sybex book--if it is built on the 2003 objectives. But, I'm sure that the info is good. If it's not the most recent, it probably needs a little supplemental material based on the CompTIA objectives in order to be a complete study guide.

    It's pretty much agreed around here that All-In-One A+ Study Guide, Fifth Edition, by Michael Meyers is probably the best guide.

    Looks like you're getting a good variety of knowledge in your IT studies. At your age, I think that's an excellent path to take! Just be sure to take the time to get a variety of life too.

    Best of luck on your future!
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    The only thing you are going to miss in this book is windows Xp because it's outdated. The newest version is Sybex A+ complete study guide 3rd edition.

    For the core part you will miss sometings like the Newest RAMs , & Sockets , etc.

    Hey man good luck with your studying. Goog going with you age.
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