Just missed the A+ Core yesterday

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I feel so discouraged after seeing the result yesterday.. I found the exam very difficult because most of it was troubleshooting and I really lack Hands on.. I only need 5 more correct ans for me to make it.. Just don't know if i'll try it again or not..


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    Try it again. Get the hands on you need, even if it means dissasembling your PC. I'd say get in another week of studying and then take it again. I'm sure you'll pass the 2nd time.
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    Have you checked your knowledge against the actual exam objectives at comptia.com? That should tell you what to cram on.

    If you want to work with PCs, you don't want to get discouraged. About 3 years ago, when I learned that there was such a thing as A+ certification, I read an article someplace that said if you think you want to work in IT, go for the A+, and by the time you take the exam you will know if you really want to pursue a technical position. But, don't let plain old being discouraged stand in your way. You want to be sure that you don't really want to pursue a technical position, and discouragement is no way to determine that. You studied, payed the exam fee, and you took the exam, so I think that indicates that you really want to do this.

    I assume that you are a real newbie to the computer field, so you also need to know that, when you start trying to get a beginning job, discouragement has to be avoided. You have to keep applying for jobs. If you're in the field at entry level work, you probably already know something about discouragement--that it doesn't get the job done!

    So, approach this thing like a troubleshooter. Go the best source, being CompTIA objectives, and base your plans for exam preparation on those guidelines. And, use more than one study guide. No guide is totally complete. You will also find that there might be a disagreement or two between two different guides. In finding the real solution to the disagreement you gain a great deal of knowledge.

    Best of luck!
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    If you don't understand the answers given on a practice test, ask here or go to Yahoo or any other directory for harware related troubleshooting issues. For software, go to Technet
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    Dont give up so easy. You'll feel relieved onces you passed.
    The hardware part I found to be tricky
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