Security+ Passed (IT Newbie)

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Well I just got back from passing my security+ exam. I tell ya, hitting that end button (even if you know you've done well) is always a bit nerve racking!

I want to let all those who ask here know that it's definitely possible for a person who is transitioning into the IT field to pass this test with self-study. I took Network+ before this, but that was it. It was helpful to have the networking information under my belt before tackling Security+. The main thing I have to stress to anyone who is new to the IT field and doesn't have a lot of experience is make sure you learn and understand the concepts and principles laid out in your study material. There were questions on the test that felt completely new and alien to me, but because of understanding the underlying concepts I was able to figure out the answer. If you're just memorizing and not grasping the material it'll be one long, hard exam (more so than it already is).

For those who are wondering, my study materials were as follows:
1. CompTIA Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-201 Study Guide by Darril Gibson (Thanks Darril! Read it cover to cover twice)
2. CBT Nuggets CompTIA Security+ 2008 Certification Package
by Michael Shannon
3. Preplogic MegaGuide for CompTIA Security+
4. SelfTest Software 30-day online access SY0-201 CompTIA Certification Practice Products

No rest for the weary... On to my next certification.


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