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Does this ever make sense? I went all the way through ICND1 without really 'getting' it. (since I passed, don't tell cisco please!) I'd hoped it would all start making sense once I got into ICND2 and started configuring WAN things, but I'm starting Frame Relay and I'm still hitting the same issues I did before. Here's some of the examples of the issues I'm having. Note this by no means is all of them though.

1) ok, a leased line is like having a dedicated line between 2 points. I get that since you don't own all the land between those 2 points you pay the telco for usage of their lines. I get that in theory, but not in practice. You're still going through the telco's network and perhaps at the smaller offices you might get an extra cable hooked up that's exclusively yours, but you're still likely traveling through some of the major pipes like St Louis to Chicago and I doubt you're getting your own exclusive line. So basically... you're getting pretty much what everyone gets; bandwidth from point A to point B, yet somehow you'd need a separate connection to the telco for each remote point?

2) PPP. I remember using PPP with my old dialup, and I'm pretty sure I didn't need to disconnect and re-dial when I needed to connect to a different site, or need a separate line if I wanted to browse to site A while downloading something from site B with FTP. OK, perhaps it's different with serial lines, and perhaps my entire confusion comes from either using similar/same names for dissimilar things, or having what I know from experience being a small part of a larger issue so that I'm having to un-learn what I thought I knew.

2) Frame Relay. I've really only started this, but similar confusions apply. You're still going through the telco's "cloud" -- just like for example, I am here. Tracert to these forums shows 20 hops through the cloud. OK, you have the potential for burst traffic which I don't, but you have to pay extra for every remote site you're connecting to. I'm not sure if that's a good trade-off. I go to a lot of remote sites each day with firefox icon_lol.gif

Has anyone else struggled like this? I'm not sure if I want actual explanations because I'm worried they might confuse me worse; I'm just curious if anyone else has had this, or if I'll pick up something (soon please?) that will make this become clear.
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    You are getting an always on circuit of 1.544 Mbps (each way), it's not a single wire from A to B.

    PPP is a "protocol", that is used in xDSL too.

    Frame relay is not like the internet. Frame relay is a shared network of frame relay switches which is cheaper for companies to have a frame connection to 3 of it's branch offices than have a leased line to each one, which is ran on Layer 2.

    Perhaps it's time to study harder. But don't worry it will all just click into place.

    Just wait until you start STP - lol
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