Passed 70-648

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Onto the 646!

Used the MS Press Book 70-648 and setup 2 Win2k8 Enterprise VM's for my studying also used the MeasureUp pratice tests.

From what I can remember from the days of sitting 290, 291, I felt the questions were really short, and alot easier compared to these two giants where it would take 5 minutes to digest 1 question. Either I'm learning something or MS are making the exams easier (Windows 7 and SBS 2008 were easy too) :)

But I must confess, although I've read the MS Press book from cover to cover and re-read chapters, referenced Technet, I came across a batch of test questions. I decided to go through one 24hrs before the exam and I passed with a score of 87%. I did note at the time that I thought the questions were really short and obvious so I thought nothing more of them until I saw them in the exam this morning!!!

Right now I feel that I've somewhat cheated here but on the same hand, I've put alot of time into studying for this exam and using the full 60 day OS trials to their fullest so I can't feel too bad but it still doesn't sit right with me.



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    Maybe you just know the material better than you thought! icon_wink.gif

    To be honest, my experience agrees with you that the 2008 track exams seem to be easier than the 2003 track.

    Either way, congrats on the pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    congrats :)
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