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HI guys,

Am new here and my first post. I have a few questiosn about certifications and after much (inconclusive) searching and reading up, I decided I'll just ask in a dedicated forum. Thanks in advance for your help.

I have a BS in Industrial Engg and have worked for 3 years in the same field. I am now looking to make a career change to the field of computers- specifically systems or network administration. I am interested in Linux administration with a good knowledge in networking, routing etc as well. I believe most admin roles are interchangeable and in many smaller companies (which is where Id likely start off), an admin handles both systems and networks. Nevertheless, I am interested in learning both until I figure to choose any one path down the line.

My experiance and knowledge is limited. I just started my Masters in Computers(online) and have taken two introductory courses each in C++ programming and networking fundamentals. I have self taught knowledge in OS, H/W etc.

I am contemplating bootcamp training for certifications in 1) LInux and 2) Networking but I cant make up my mind between;

I am more interested in LPIC since I can get dual certification for CLA as well with jsut LPI. Besides, its vendor neutral. But RHCT is very widely valued and recognised. More so here in the US.
2) Network+, CCENT or CCNA
I am interested in the CCNA but read a lot of posts where everyone stated that CCNA is very difficult especially for newbies. That one would need to know subnetting inside out, forwards and backwards etc.I havent practised it like that but I understand the concept. I prefer CCENT as well but am not interested in Network+ which basically only 'touches' upon various theories and is not in depth is my impression. Especially when it comes to routing.

Secondly, I am thinking about joining a bootcamp as I have limited time (2 free months) for the above but am gonna be paying from my pocket and am wondering if I would do well. I consider myself to be pretty good and have done well all my life when I put my mind to it. But I am wondering here if a Bootcamp is just a case of application and hardwork or rather, if its like a last minute prep for those who already have extensive knowledge (75% atleast) of the cert requirements. Considering that I would be spending a few 1000s, I am trying to take the right step.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.


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    I myself and looking at RHCT or LPIC so I have no input there. As for networking certs, I would start with Network+ because it is a good introduction to networking. It will teach you the basics which will apply later on in the CCNA if you choose to go for it. Just keep in mmind that 2 months total studying time is no where near enough time.

    For CCNA I would dedicate about 6 months alone, Network+ I would say maybe 2 months. RHCT and LPIC, well it depends on your exposure to Linux.
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    I took my Network+ through Training Camp, and trust them, Not just a test passing camp, if you are determined to go the BC route, I would take a boot camp for Net+, then work your way through the Odom book to prepare for CCENT. Once you are ready, take and pass CCENT, then study for LPIC, you don't have to actually take the LPIC exam, but you could study and apply the material. Study for RHCT, and pass the exam, then study for and pass your CCNA.

    I did notice however, you mentioned systems administration, you'll want to look at a systems cert such as A+ or a MCP, ect.
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    Seems like CCNA or CCENT would be a no-go for now. I will likely self study for network+ and then attempt a CCENT bootcamp is what I am thinking.

    How about linux?
    I am planning on any one bootcamp. LPIC-1 or RHCT? I have limited knowledge but RHCT bootcamp (033+133) states that the only pre-req is the knowledge of a computer and to be able to handle a mouse etc.??!

    I am more interested in the LPIC bootcamp however as its vendor neutral and would also automatically fetch me the CLA. (Just as the new linux+ would fetch the LPIC as well)...But would certainly opt for the RHCT if its;
    1)more widely valued by the industry
    2)would provide more knowledge
    3)has relatively less pre-reqs for a bootcamp.

    Essentially, I am trying to understand which bootcamp would be relatively easier relatively.
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    R000T wrote: »
    How about linux?
    I am planning on any one bootcamp. LPIC-1 or RHCT? I have limited knowledge but RHCT bootcamp (033+133) states that the only pre-req is the knowledge of a computer and to be able to handle a mouse etc.??!

    Seems strange that they would mention using a mouse when you'll be learning a lot of command line.
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    Heres the specific quote.

    User-level experience with any computer system, including: use of mouse, use of menus and use of any graphical user interface.
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