first round with the beast and .........

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passed(721) barely but a pass is a pass. i went in the exam expecting to fail get an idea of how hard it is and would retake before 2nd shot expired. i really thought i was going to fail when i clicked submit. The instructions said you get 3 hours but only 2 hours was given when taking exam but forutnley finshed before 2 hours. The staff called tech support and said to just see what happens after 2 hours and gave me the techsupports number if it cut me off(sure that would have helped) Rushed to take it before second shot expires so didnt have long to prepare. Also some one got let go at my job so i have had double the work load this past month and have been running around like a chicken with out a head so i was really slacking on the review but things are turning around i got a promotion/raise at my job and just passed. Now its time for some R&R for a month or so(finally i can read a lesiure book instead of textbooks lol) then start studying for ccna security exam to recertify before my ccna expires in november. So happy its over, good luck to all it was tough way to many RRAS/VPN questions and of course like 10 sims in a row. Had a hard time on the ipsec policy sims but the others werent to bad.

now its time for some you know what... its going to be a good weekend


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    hopefully in a few weeks I can say the same thing.
    Decide what to be and go be it.
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    The way your thread title was worded I was expecting bad news. You slayed the beast.
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