Shutting down the router

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I bought some cisco 2500 series router,I am so new to these goodies.I just wonder if there is a special way to shutdown it.I just directly use the power button/switch on the router? Can it damage it? What is the best way to shut it down?


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    As long as you saved your config then flipping the switch is just fine. Just wait until the write is complete.

    For a cisco switch you have to pull the plug, as there is not power button. I put a switch on all of my outlets that power switches, so I can flip the switch at the plug.
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    thank you for your answer.I didn't change any configuration,I just wanted to check if they work or not.I just wrote the only command I know "show version" to see the IOS and ram on them.

    one more question;

    I've 4 routers and 1 switch.They are all on eachother.I saw that the fan is under the router,can it be problem,do I have to put something between the routers?
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