EA with Net+ or not needed?

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I am working toward obtaining the MCITP:EA (currently just have the 70-680 completed; have the 70-401 next week (SCCM), but it's unrelated to the EA chain). I would also like to get the Net+ cert (preferably before Jan. to avoid the renewal policy). My questions is do you all think there is a good or "preferred" order to complete them?

I was thinking of going 70-640, Net+, and then 70-642, and so on to complete the EA chain. What do y'all think and/or is the Net+ cert really needed at all?

At my current company (large global company) the network and sys/wintel/server admins are 2 separate teams, but if I got a job elsewhere after getting the EA the 2 roles will probably be combined at a smaller company and the extra networking knowledge could be beneficial (I know Cisco training/certs would be a good route here too). If I stayed at my company I'd like to be on the server side more than the networking side.

Any advice? Thanks.


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    IMHO, you'd be better off getting a Cisco cert rather than the N+. On a resume, a CCNA would jump out much more than an N+. I'd much rather go 640 > CCENT/CCNA > 642 > 643 > 647. Or even 640 > 642 > 643 > 647 and then the CCENT/CCNA. But the first path would give you a good grounding on the ins-and-outs of networking.

    The N+ is an entry level cert and you dont appear entry level to me, go for the Cisco certs, play hard!
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    I cannot imagine your Net+ being much help in boosting your resume if you plan on getting your MCITP:EA. I would definately get your CCNA. Based upon my experience, the CCNA and your work experience will give you all the newtorking fundamentals plus you will have to be pretty comfortable in Cisco IOS to pass the exam. No reason to waste your time on the Net+.
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