Passed BCMSN!!!

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I have to say compared to BCSI this was gravy exam. I scored 100% on STP, VLAN & WLAN.

Only area that was kind of jacked was the Voice/QoS topics. Some of the questions were off the wall.

I am gonna go for ISCW and ONT. I have about 2 weeks of study each so I am gonna put the petal to the metal. Even if I don't make the deadline I want to learn the subject matter so at least reading the books will help.
CCIE written here I come...


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    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats! All that's left is the tshoot.
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    Congrats! All that's left is the tshoot.

    What did you use to study for this?
    CCIE written here I come...
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    agent2592 wrote: »
    What did you use to study for this?

    Everything from the BSCI and BCMSN materials. Check out my blog, there is a good write up I did after passing TSHOOT on how to prepare. Everything you need for the exam is in your BSCI and BCMSN text. Just build the topology from the ground up and you will be fine, check out the blog. I would just go with the TSHOOT, you're going to almost be shooting yourself in the foot if you try to make ONT and ISCW before July 31? Don't waste your money and have to turn around and do TSHOOT anyway, just go for TSHOOT then take your time reading ISCW and ONT. That's what I did. I was ready to test for ONT when I got my beta results, but just did TSHOOT. Now I am going back through ISCW materials to learn about MPLS, VPN's, etc... etc... all the materials there. Until I order my books for CCIE written here in a few days. icon_thumright.gif

    If you don't want to read through the blog I did a write up on the boards for how to prepare for the TSHOOT it was the TSHOOT FAQ.
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