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Hi Gents,

I have been working in IT for the past 11 years and I am looking at taking the 70-680 Certification.

I have purchased the Microsoft press book and have a lab environment setup here for testing purposes.

I am new to the certification exams and would appreciate any tips on how to study, what to study, what materials to purchase etc.

Thanks for your help guys.


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    Welcome to the forum. The MS press book is alright, but be sure to check the errata threads for it.
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    Welcome to TE!
    I've heard the measure ups included with the book are a good measure of how well you know the material. I've also heard that the Transcender practice tests are pretty good.
    The book is full of errors. Not just typos but also errors in the commands they give you to use in the exercises. Like Psoasman said check the erratra threads and there are a couple of links in the resource sticky thread with lists of corrections to the text. Even with all the errors the MS Press book is still the best resource to use to pass this exam.
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    Welcome :)
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    Good luck with your studies and try not to let Ahriakin scare you off, he really isn't a bad guy.
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    The MS Press book is a poorly written pile of s**t get to the second chapter on deployment and your see what I mean it's a right mess.
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    Try to be as thorough as you can with studying. It also helps to go over a lot of practice questions from another book or source (avoid braindump sites!). The questions are usually not worded the same on the test so it's not going to help to memorize answers but this allows you to absorb and recollect the information that you studied. I also keep in mind that I'm reading to learn the material and not just to pass a test.
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