Best study methods?

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Hello all, I am just trying to get an idea of some of your study methods for these types of tests. I am already A+ certified, but i was fortunate enough to have my company pay for a training class and that is all I needed to pass that test.

The Network+ test, I am learning from the book and do not have an opportunity to take a class.

While reading and studying these types of books, is it best to take notes? Create index cards for key terms?

If anyone could please shed some light for me, it would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance, JH


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    I only used a book, along with some prior experiences that I had had, but nothing too significant. I then used Transcender to test myself to ensure I was ready.

    If you feel you need more than just a book, there are training videos out there as well as practice test questions to help prepare.
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    I used CompTIA Network+ All-in-One Exam Guide 4th Edition by Mike Meyers as my sole source of study for this exam. I also bought the exam voucher and practice test from his website (which ended up costing about the same as a full price voucher). I was able to comfortably pass the exam the first time using just the book and his practice tests. If you're wondering about my IT background, well it's pretty simple, I have no professional IT background and this was my first ever certification.

    Like others have said here, make sure you know the "gimme" questions about stuff you're able to simply memorize and make sure you understand the underlying principles to everything else. For the memorization stuff I did write out some of my own flash cards and that seemed to help cement it in my brain. If you do those things, you'll do just fine I'm sure.
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    There is a lot of memorization for this test (ports, transmission mediums) so don't miss these areas. I made flashcards for studying these.
    For everything else a book and Labsim helped. I had 0 network experience prior to studying for the Net+.
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    I will read the book cover to cover and then go over it again, taking notes.
    I will type up the lesson/chapter reviews for study aids.
    Go over exam objectives and practice whatever I feel I need to.
    Do practice tests to gauge knowledge.
    Lots of hands-on - this is especially helpful for Sims in M$ land.
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