I need some advice to practice Frame Relay please...

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Hi guys,

I have a question on Frame Relay.

Recently, about two months ago, I purchased a little lab. It doesn't have much, but I am able to practice very basic configurations on it. I would like to know if someone who has alot of experience can help me figure out how I can practice frame relay with my current setup. I know you should have a router with at least four serial interfaces but I lack a couple of them. I'm a newly wed so money is not that abundant at the moment. :)

I have right now :

1 x c2621XM with two FastEthernet ports and one WIC-1DSU-T1

3 x c2610 with two Ethernet ports and one WIC-2A/S card.

2x 3524 switches

2 x cables DTE/DCE

So I have two serial interfaces on each c2610 but I need one more WIC-2A/S card iin one of them to do a complete frame relay config right?

I've googled some example network layouts but I don't have so much equipment. Can anybody suggest a good lab with my current hardware?

Thanks alot in advance guys. CCNA is really a big bump to get over. For me at least. icon_cool.gif


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    Welcome to the forum, you've come to the right place!

    Yes, the 2621XM will also need a WIC-2A/S (you can use a WIC-1t, but using the same WIC's everywhere will keep your cabling simpler). For now you can also just work on frame relay with the 3 2610's. It'll get you started, but obviously you'll get more out of the lab with more gear.

    Take a look at this thread. It's a great lab book that blackninja found that has some good frame relay practice, as well as just about every other topic of importance. Also check the CCNA FAQ sticky at the top of this section, there's a bunch of other great resources.

    Edit: the router which will be the FR switch will also need another WIC as well since it will need a third serial interface,
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    You could try Building a Compound Frame Relay Switch | INE -- but tunnel over the Ethernet since you'd need your 3 2610s talking to each other, rather than the limited point-to-point AUX port.

    Usually you'd want 3 routers (for a hub and 2 spokes) and a 4th router to act as the frame relay switch -- but you can configure some ports for frame relay switching while still using others for "normal routing." In this case you'd use all 3 2610 routers with the WIC-2A/S as your compound frame relay switch and your hub and spoke routers -- one port on each WIC is part of the frame relay switch and cloud, and the other port is used to hook up to the frame relay cloud.

    Thinking about it makes my head hurt -- but I think it can be done.

    Oh -- and you'd need a 3rd back-to-back cable.
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    You could also copy your IOS image to a tftp server. Once you have that you can use GNS3 to emulate routers. It would serve as an intermediate solution until you get the hardware that you need.
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    Frame Relay ?

    I would say all you need is three 250X routers
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