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Hey Guys!!! This is my first post here. I was working on my CCNA five years ago and then I put it on hold because I got a job in a Central Office working on phone switches, T1s, and DS0s. It was interesting for awhile, but I got bored with it.

Anyway, I'm working with lots of CCNAs, CCNPs, and CCIEs now and I want to get this thing banged out...the CCNA, that is.

I have the new two book set by Cisco, an old Sybex router sim, a Catalyst 1912, and a 2524 with a BRI card.

I'm thinking of getting another router...maybe a 2612 or something, but I don't have enough money to build a super duper setup...I wish I did, though, because I love playing with hardware!!!

Can anyone recommend a good router sim? The one I have only has 1900 series switches on it and the vlan commands are WAY different on the 2950 series.

Thanks for your help...looking forward to comparing notes with you.
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