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We have a 2k8 ts box and current windows users are able to print to their local printers. Is the easy print feature extended to mac users as well? Or any rdp printing capability for mac users that you can suggest? Thanks.


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    I dont think Easy Print is, but the old style printer forwarding works in certain cases. See below.

    Good luck though, its rare that Apple/Windows integration goes smoothly.
    If you use a PostScript printer on your Macintosh, you can route
    printing jobs from the Windows-based computer to the printer attached to
    your Macintosh computer. Your Macintosh printers will appear on the
    Windows-based computer in the Printers folder in the Control Panel.
    They will be named using this format: Macintosh Printer Name/Macintosh
    Computer Name/Session Number.

    When you log on to a Windows-based computer, Remote Desktop Connection
    Client for Mac detects any PostScript printers attached to universal
    serial bus (USB) ports as well as any PostScript network printers
    attached to your Macintosh computer and creates a queue on the Macintosh
    computer for each printer detected on the Windows-based computer you are
    connected to. Some Macintosh printer settings (such as printing on both
    sides of the page) will not be available from the Windows-based computer.

    When you disconnect or end the session, the printer queue is deleted
    from the Windows-based computer, and any incomplete or pending print
    jobs are lost. On subsequent logons, the printer queue is recreated on
    the Windows-based computer using the preferences stored by Remote
    Desktop Connection.

    If a compatible printer driver is not found on the Windows-based
    computer, the Macintosh printer queue is not created in the remote
    session, and an event is logged in the Windows Event Logger on the
    Windows-based computer. To make the printer available, a compatible
    printer driver must be manually installed on the Windows-based computer
    you are connecting to.
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    easy and mac in the same sentence? not a chance!
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