(who is) Hurricane Electric Internet Services?

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I applied for a tech support position they posted on craigslist. They said they were expanding to Texas bla bla. A nice lady called me and asked would I be willing to take a test and I said yes. Shes said it was 1-2 hr. basic grammar and math stuff. I thought that was kinda odd but was excited because I got a call from an employer. Well I almost got scammed once today from another ad. It got me thinking and it sure sounds like this company is using me to take a survey they can cash out on. I'm not gonna go.
Hurricane Electric Internet Services - Internet Backbone and Colocation Provider
I like how it says "free IPv6 certifications!".
So what do ya'll think? Since we're on the subject does anyone know any other tech job opening scam types and what to look for so I don't get totally ruined by identity theft.



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