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Anyone use a KVM switch with USB keyboard and mouses? I am thinking I was gonna snag a Mac mini and KVM from my PC. But wouldn't that be kinda annoying with the USB always redetecting?



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    Avocent makes one but it is pricey, it doesn't do the redetecting. It already knows what is there, so once you select, there is no wait/lag.
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    I used a converter plug with a kvm and it worked alright.
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    PC Connection - Detail

    Belkin 16 port KVM, comes with the necessary cables. Kind of expensive, but works well. For those that have PS2 boxes as well, they have cables available for them for this same model.

    Belkin also makes smaller 2 port switches, which may work for you a bit better. Keep in mind that MAC keyboards are different than PCs btw, so you may have issues getting things to work like they should. Never tried to switch the 2, so it may work fine.
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