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Hey all,

So I just sat my CISSP exam on Tuesday (6/22) and Ive already started the post-test mania, checking my email every time my phone beeps even though I know my results wont be in for at least another week and likely longer...

So to overcome this Ive already moved on to other things. I decided to take MS exam 70-298 so that when my CISSP pass comes in (confident, no?) I can apply that to my already existing MCSA/MCSE and get them both upgraded to the security distinction at the same time.

Problem is, the material is a joke in comparison to CISSP and Ive already burned through most of the material in barely 2 days and plan to be finished by tomorrow. I plan on sitting the exam next Monday (6/2icon_cool.gif.

Well I get instant gratification from that exam but since it gets me nothing independent of the CISSP, Ill be right back where I started with checking my email...

So Im considering upgrading my MCSE to the MCITP track... Preferably both Server and Enterprise Admin (only 1 additional exam so I might as well).

I figured since this is 4 exams (70-646, 647, 649 and 680), it should keep me occupied long enough to get my CISSP results.

Ive run into two problems that Im hoping you all can help me answer.

1. I dont want to get caught up in a lengthy cert process that runs much longer than the time it takes to get my CISSP results. The MCITP was not on my original list and the only reason it is now on my list is because of #2

2. I dont want to get caught up in a heavy study situation so soon after my CISSP exam. I want to take some "break" from studying. I dont plan on not studying at all but I dont want it to be the only thing I do.

So my question comes down to this. If I already have my MCSE and work daily in the field, how hard are the 646, 647 and 649 exams?

I know the 680 exam will take some time as I dont work much with Win7 but 646, 647 and 649 strike me as more or less a review for already certified MCSEs.


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    I've heard the 649 is pretty tough as it covers all the material for the 640, 642, and 643. If your experience level is pretty high you should be able to do it fairly quickly, though. I've heard this series of technet articles will help a lot Changes in Functionality from Windows Server 2003 with SP1 to Windows Server 2008 and check out some of Claymoores stickys and my (incomplete, so far) thread for the 647 resources.
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    Let me see if I understand.. you plan to take and pass 4 exams in the time it takes to get your results back from the CISSP exam? 4 exams in a time frame of a couple of weeks is a tall order. I have heard the 649 is no joke and I know for a fact the 646 and 647 aren't a walk in the park.I'm sure you can probably pick up the new features in 2008 quicker than someone who is starting from scratch but I have my doubts that 4 exams can be done in two weeks or less. Good luck though.
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    No, Im looking at 3-4 (646 is still only a consideration) exams in probably about 6 weeks.

    I know its unrealistic to expect to finish it by the time my CISSP results come in but I also dont want to be still working on it come September...

    When I really got rolling with my MCSE cert, I started studying for 291 at the beginning of June (two years ago) and completed the exam for 291, 293, 294 and 297 by Mid-July.

    But I guess I also didnt really ask my question right.

    The advice I was looking for was for someone who has their MCSE, how much prep they really needed to be able to complete the exams?

    Did you spend hours a day for weeks just to complete 1?
    or did you find much of the material to be review and spent only a short time reviewing?

    I have CBT material available for all but the 680 exam through my work (70-620 Vista is available but we havent received 70-680 Win7 yet) and I havent started it yet because I want to wrap up my 70-298 exam first.

    So what do you think? Will I breeze through the material or will this be a long drawn out process with intensive study/review?

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    I think with an MCSE 2003 I think 3-4 exams in 6 weeks is doable. I would say 1.5 weeks study time per exam.Once you know the new features in 2008 and pass the 649 the 646 and 647 will have some overlap.I would say the 649 and 680 will consume the most time.
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    Thats pretty much what I was hoping.

    I figured Id start with the 649 then move on to 647.

    Guage where I am how long Ive been at it and then do either 646 followed by 680 or if I am already into August just go straight to 680 and skip the Server Admin role for now (or ever).

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    2017 Goals: MCSE Refresh, CCDP & CCIE:Security
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