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Bit confused, have read that the exam is being updated, but can`t see when this is on the Comptia site, any ideas?
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    Hmmmm 'borough huh - no wonder you are confused ........... icon_lol.gif

    nah, just kidding - I'm a closet 'pool supporter so who am I to poke the borax ... LMAO.

    Anyways, back on subject - I am certain that I read somewhere that the new objectives will come live during the 2nd quarter of 05. Of course I have heard things like that before too, but it does sound reasonable - beta exam finishes at the end of december and that leaves then 3-5 months to tidy the questions up before going live.

    Oh, BTW - welcome to the board icon_thumright.gif
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    closet pooly supporter eh, best to stay that way I think!!! (only kidding!)

    Cheers for the info, intend to start studying for this after CCNA as I already have the current exam objective CBT Nuggets CD`s
    Elvis Lives!!! Thank you very much!!!
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