Possible Career Change: US Army 25B Position

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Greetings, I have been kicking this around my head the last few days and wanted to get other's opinions here.

I feel like I'm ready for something else then just call center/help desk work. I'm seriously looking at going into the US Army as a 25B or the other position that works with switches/routers.

I there are other former and current US Army 25Bs on the forum and I've talked to one and he felt that I was a bit overqualified, however I feel that I really need to have some sort of change to get me to the next level in IT.

I've talked to a recruiter and he thinks it is doable and I have a clean background, so I should be able to qualify for a security clearance.

Want to get others opinion here.

My main concern is that those who are currently in or were in got the skills to get them to another type of position then just customer support, or they didn't do call center work while in the US Army.

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    JockVSJock wrote: »
    My main concern is that those who are currently in or were in got the skills to get them to another type of position then just customer support, or they didn't do call center work while in the US Army.


    PM Networker050184, if I remember correctly he did networking while in the Army.

    If I'm wrong he can send me a nasty PM icon_wink.gif
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    Here's a shameless plug for the best military branch (air force)... you might want to check out commguys.net, it's a forum for all things related to comunications in the air force, and they have a wealth of information. I'm not much help as I have been out for 4 years and they have really modernized the career field.
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    and btw if you join any branch, thank you for your service.
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    Well you two choices. The first is to enlist and do comm work, option two is a comission (since you have a B.S.). In the Army the 25 MOS identifier has a host of good options, Air Force comm's is good but so is the Navy's IT rate (used to be Data Processor and Radio Man but they merged both jobs into one rate and called it IT). Either way, think long and hard about it, it's a life altering experience that's for sure.
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    I'm in the Army National Guard as a 25B. I'm in a signal unit, so I get to use networking equipment. I did 4 years of active duty as well, but not as a 25B. My understanding of 25B on active duty is that you could go to ANY unit. This means that if you go to an infantry unit (for example), you would most likely be doing help desk / desktop support type work, and other various 'signal corp' related stuff (ie. installing SINCGARS radios in HMMWVs, setting up omni-directional antennas, etc). If you were to get assigned to an actual signal unit, then there's a good chance you'd work with network equipment as well.

    If you want to make sure that you go to a signal unit and work with networking equipment, consider 25N. As far as I know, 25N's only get assigned to signal units, as their main function is to set up networking equipment (ie routers and switches) in tactical environments.

    When I was active duty, I was a 25Q. My job was to set up line-of-site radio transceivers, multiplexers, modems, and other network infrastructure equipment in a tactical network.


    I just noticed your degree(s?)... you should go Officer. MOS 25A.
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    I am a 25b, just passed the course this evening. As far as the school goes, it will likely be a breeze for you on a educational level. It is a wonderful opportunity to get some hands on experience if you don't have any. In addition, you have the opportunity to test for the Security+ at no cost 2 u.

    As far as the life of a bravo, the vast majority of stories say that it is based on you, and what you are willing to pursue. Some people sit around for an enlistment and do help desk the whole time. Then there are those who continue their education (degrees, certs), take additional training and volunteer for additional duties, they are the ones who can go and be trusted to assist in network installations, high tier tech support, and gain valuable skills in demand in and out of the community. In addition, the Security field is exploding both in and out of the military. There s some debate on what mos does that however, likely MI, but I have heard of motivated bravo's doing work in that arena as well. After your initial enlistment, you may be a prime candidate for the Army Warrant Officer program. The benefit over regular Officers? Guaranteed MOS, and hands on work. Regular Signal Officers are still first and foremost Officers and IMO, by the time you reach O3, you're done with anything hands on.

    Other services: Air Force is defiantly a prospect you may be interested in pursuing. Short and sweet: the good life. you might be interested in one of four AFSC jobs: "Cyber Transport Systems", "Computer Systems Operations Apprentice", "Computer Systems Programming Apprentice", "Cyber Systems Operators ", or "cyber surety"( cyber security field, unknown job title)

    Navy: computer science field, Information Technology field, or Information Warfare Officer.

    Marine Corps: wow, we seem to have removed the careers section from the website... guess you'll have to go see a recruiter... :o
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