How to handle licensing for a permanent test network?

Hey All,
My department has a permanent Test Network where we test patches.

When we migrate to 2008, we'll need to upgrade all of our Test Network servers to 2008 (all are running on VMWARE ESX).

Do I have to buy duplicate licenses for the Test Network and the Production Network?

Management will not be thrilled about the idea of paying for everything twice. I've used eval licenses in the past, but I don't want to rebuild the servers when their activation period runs out.

I'm not looking to skirt the system, I just want to hear what others are doing to license their corporate test networks.



  • dynamikdynamik Posts: 12,314Banned
    You should read the license agreement to ensure you won't be doing anything that violates it, but you can get access to everything you need for $349/year ($249/year renew) from Microsoft with a Technet subscription. They have that specifically for testing/evaluation purposes.
  • drew2000drew2000 Posts: 290Member
    Wow, do you have to activate the installations? I just want to make sure I can build a Test Network that will last and not have to be reactivated.

    We used to have the Action Packs, but I think we stopped getting them!

  • dynamikdynamik Posts: 12,314Banned
    Yea, but the keys you get are multiple activation. I've done many well into the double-digits and have never had a problem. You can also request another key at any time.

    It's the same premise as the action pack, but I believe the terms are slightly different.

    Note: It looks like they've added a new cheaper version that doesn't include some enterprise software for only $199: TechNet Subscriptions: TechNet subscribers get TechNet downloads and product keys, support, and more | Subscribe to TechNet Subscriptions
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