How much do you forget after an exam?

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Assuming you don't directly use the aquired knowledge often.

I've forgotten around 25% of the Sec+ material since I took the test in May. However, I am familiar with it and it would come back to me if I read over the material once.

Just curious how much others remember after they've passed an exam.


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    It's hard when you don't get to apply the stuff everyday in your job or working environment.

    I usually just keep reading to keep it fresh in my head, because unfortunately ....... my job has nothing to do with the stuff I have learned icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Use it or lose it... it's the same exact thing for me.
    I'm not a complete idiot... some parts are missing.
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    The things I have actual experience with and the theory behind it usually sticks quite easily. But the new things I learn, and even write about, I sometimes forget faster than I learned them. ;) It also depends a lot on how interesting it is, i.e. networking and security details stick better than MS details. Regardless, I don't think it matters that much, because if you understand it once you will understand it the next time you need it as well (indeed after reading up on it, or when performing the task.) It's more important to be able to learn and pick up new skills quickly then to remember 100% of the largely meaningless details one would not likely encounter in a real world scenario, and /or look up anyway.

    And 25% is not much, compared to what I forgot of the stuff I learned from being at school. ;) But this also depends on how much you knew in the first place, i.e. if you barely passed... I guess that's why it is important to focus on all the material for an exam, instead just enough to pass, as IMHO you should be able to pass any exam you previously passed.
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    One pass through the book I have by T-Cat, and I could pass Sec+ easily.

    One good thing is, the Sec+ fits really well as a precursor to the CEH material. I would say the knowledge is a must before attempting to study for the CEH.
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    Same goes for the SSCP I'm studying for, and I assume several other security related certs as well, which eventually will help remembering the most common and important issues because of the repetition, I hope :)
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