Security+ significant step?

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Hi guys.
I'm just gonna ask something here. It probably has been asked before so I apologise.
I dont mind if the thread is deleted in the future.
I'm just interested in something and I was wondering if you guys could help me please.

I have network+ and A+. I have a year of experience in tech support. I'm a cisco network academy graduate. And I have a sponsor that offered to pay for my security+.
I still dont have a job. Since I have A+ Ive gotten more calls but no results.
The federal goverment still dont look @ me at all when I apply for jobs with them.
You get the idea.

I know A+ and Network+ are kind of the basic in the technician area. It doesnt really mean that much when talking about odds of getting a job.

In your experience how do you catalog security+ ?
Is this certification usually more specific/relevant in business?
Like with A+ you can get a job but probably without it you can get the same job.
Is security+ like this too?

I will still get it. I'm just asking your experience with this certification in the real world out there.

Thank you for your time.


  • phantasmphantasm Member Posts: 995
    If government employment is what you want than the Security+ is a start. Also, don't feel bad about them not looking at you. I'm a veteran, with a B.S. degree and a CCNA plus experience and they won't even call me back. lol.
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    kurosaki00 wrote: »
    I have a sponsor that offered to pay for my security+.

    definitely take advantage of this as soon as you can.

    as for the job hunt.... keep your head up. there's not really one thing that will be the golden ticket to finding a job but the security+ and CCNA couldn't hurt one bit. while you're searching for a job maybe volunteer your tech services (churches, nonprofits, etc.....) to get some experience and another thing for your resume to get you past the HR goons. good luck!
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  • kurosaki00kurosaki00 Member Posts: 973
    thanks for the answer guys!

    My goal is a career in security. But right now i'm looking for anything to gain experience in the area.

    I will surely take security+.
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