Incorperating a PIX firewall with U-Verse Gateway

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I have a PIX 506E that I want to use with my home network. Currently the network is all being ran through my AT&T Uverse Residential Gateway, a 2-Wire 3800.

Any opinions on how to incorperate the PIX would be much appreciated. My plan is to place the PIX in the RG's DMZ so the RG can handle the TV without any complications from the PIX. I would also disable the RG's wireless and connect a wireless router to the pix (which will also act as my switch for my wired connections)

Would this be an ideal setup or should I go about this differently?

(Photo shows PC and Wireless Router connected to the PIX but it would be just the Wireless Router, the PC would be connected to the router.)

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Start Date: December 2013
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