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I took the 70-680 exam for the second time this morning and passed :) and wanted to offer some input that may help others about to take this test.

The training kit for 70-680 is good for a foundation, but most people will need to use other sources as well. I would say 15% of my test included material that was not covered in the book or was just barely mentioned in the book.

My main issue with the test personally was that the questions on this test felt very incomplete. I took the test twice and on both versions the test left off some information that would have made the question clearer e.g. which edition of windows 7 was being run.

I also wanted to know if anyone else has had issues with the test crashing. The test crashed 6 times on three different computers while i was taking it and the proctor told me it was very common with microsoft certification tests. It was the first i had experienced, but wanted to get others input.

I appreciate the help this forum has given me and hope that the little bit i could mention about the tests will help someone else.


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    Welcome to TE and congrats on passing!
    The only thing I can really say is that I've never had an MS test crash. That may have something to do with the testing facility you were using. You might want to go to a different test center in the future.
    No longer work in IT. Play around with stuff sometimes still and fix stuff for friends and relatives.
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    I think you are right. This was a different testing facility than i normally go to and will not go back to if i can help it.

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    I thought crash only happens with sim based tests ? I did many microsoft exams in three different centers (in two countries) never crashed for me. I suggest you try another test center even if it's further.

    I think its really frustrating if this happen especially if you are focused on taking the test not wait till they find a good PC to work at.

    I agree with you about the test not all questions are mentioned in the book and to be honest I think this is fair. The book should not be every thing experience should have a role in the test as well.

    I never liked Microsoft style in questions I don't understand why the question is 5 lines and full of unnecessary details just to mislead you BUT it's there way and once you are experience without you will do better.

    First exam I took I think I spent the whole time (around 2 hours) last exam I took I finished in 40 minutes so its really about your experience as well.

    Hope that what I've said is useful, I'm happy to share my thoughts in the forum :)
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