server+ whether to or not?

netcom2000netcom2000 Member Posts: 117
I already have Network+ and at the moment preparing to go for 70-210, 15 etc, however, I was wondering whether it would be more beneficial to go for Server+ first?

Incidentaly, I also have ajob as an IT support technician,

Many TIA
Future planned exams are as follows: CCNA, Windows 2003 Server 70-290

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  • hhisgetthhisgett Member Posts: 181
    This might be a good cert to have if you are someone that does a lot of hands on hardware work with server systems. I know that Hewlett Packard and others require this cert before working towards their ASE certifications. If you do not do more than setting a server in a rack, installing OS's and doing regular hardware upgrades this might not be worth while.

    My 2 cents. :)
  • Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    I'm considering it as well. I just have finish my MCSA first.
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  • bananamanbananaman Inactive Imported Users Posts: 29 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Go for A+ because your Network+ and A+ can combine to opt out of an exam.
  • theICEtheICE Member Posts: 84 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Yea get your A+ first then go for server+ if you still want to, Some people say server+ is a Advanced A+. I am taking the server+ this monday before they change the exam on me.
  • D-boyD-boy Member Posts: 595
    What books are you using? All the best by the way :D
  • theICEtheICE Member Posts: 84 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I am using Server+ bible which i think is a pretty good book to read, it is my main book. I also have Elton Jernigans server+ book published by New riders it is a pretty good book but can get boring to follow. And of course trancenders. Also i would like to say i have to thank janmike because he is the one who suggested these books to me so if i fail i can blame it on him lol j/k .
  • D-boyD-boy Member Posts: 595
    Ok cool, thanks for the info. I have Server+ 2nd edition by Sybex, it's ok... I am mainly working on 70-215 right now, but would like to take Server+ after I pass my 70-215 exam. Studying for both at the same time is too hard for me... icon_wink.gif I might have to invest in another book for Server+, maybe the one you mentioned..... icon_wink.gif
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