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Hello I am looking for a BGP practice lab. Preferrably one that has a very basic example....first you tyype enable then you type conf t all the way through.....Any suggestions or help locating an example configuration that will hold my hand alll the way through will be appreciated



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    I don't know of anything that extensive as usually the basic configuration commands are not included. However, the sample configurations at often contain the complete config.

    Doesn't your BSCI book have one? ;)
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    I currently am enrolled in the CCNA academy through my college and have passed the 640-821 INTRO exam with the ICND part scheduled around the end of February.
    My senior project for my BAS degree is an in depth research project on BGP. It must include 8 routers 3 different autonomous systems, androute filtering policies with a few of the bells and whistles for (a good grade). Kind of out of my league at the moment but i did get to choose my project.
    I have the BSCI book as well as 2 others, all have the basic commands outlined in the book, there are no practice labs. I would like to have just a simple practice lab that would kind of summarize the basics of implementing BGP. In all my readings for the past 2 weeks BGP explanations get complicated very fast.
    I did find a book today at Borders that had a 5 router configuration all in different ASes and all the commands for that specific config, I expect to be purchasing it tomorrow because that looks like the best I can do right now.

    Thanks for the great forum and site...
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    In that case, there's another book for the BSCI exam which contains only configurations/labs, I can't remember its exact name but it should be easy to find at

    BGP is complex indeed, I found it to be one of the most difficult topics of the BSCI exam. Good luck with that project, sounds like a challenge.
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    I think you're talking about the CCNP Practical Studies - Routing book. I've got ahold of a copy and leafed through it briefly, and it seems to contain nothing but example configurations and lab scenarios
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