Just passed 294, what you need to study

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I found this site a couple of days ago and the advice helped me prepare for the 70-294 exam I have just taken (and passed first time with 812). 45 questions, 2h 30mins.

No joke, the first 20 or so questions were ALL relating to Group Policy. Make sure you nail everything about it inc WMI filtering, account security policies and where they apply, when to use computer settings or user settings, how GPOs apply based on where they are placed.

I also had around 8 sims - so make sure you know physcally how to assign GPOs, what the difference between assign and publish is in relation to .msi, .zap etc. Also don't be fooled by thinking the sims are harder than they are. I puzzled for ages over one sim as I thought 'it can't be just that...' when it probably was.

Also make sure your up on your trusts, and global cat servers and Univeral Caching servers and when and were to use them.

Rest of the questions were quite broad and encompassed most topics.

Basically if you nail Group Policies and are hot on the sims (I wasn't but managed to get through) then you'll be OK. Not easy (I was sure I had failed when actually doing the exam) but it is passable.

I'm leaving 2003 behind now - I have 3 MCPs on that track now so I'm going to try get myself a bit more current on 2008.

Good luck to everyone who is revising for this.

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    Welcome to TE and congratulations on passing the 294!

    EDIT: Just noticed join date. Why so long a wait to post?
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    Congrats on the pass, welcome to TE, and thanks for the decent write up!

    Might I suggest though that after 3 MCP's, (dependant on what you already have) you do one more to complete the MCSA? It will be worth it :)
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    @Earweed - I must have joined AGES ago and forgotten about the site because I just tried to register just now and my username had been taken (by me ages ago!)

    @Gateway - I'm undecided what to do. I have passed MCPs for XP Pro, Exchange 2003 and Windows Server 2003 Environment and now AD Infrastructure. I'm looking for a new job though and I'm pretty sure my CV would look better with certifications for the new server OSs. I'm having a week off from revising anyway and I'll try decide in that time what to go for next.

    Passed some exams. Failed others!
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    Nice score! Congrats on the pass.
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    Congratulations on the pass! I recently passed the exam myself and know what you mean about there being so many questions on GPOs. I had a whopping 10 sims on my exam, though they were the short type. I would have preferred the longer type sims (more configuring) and not as many.
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    Congrats on the pass!!!!!
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    just did my exam today. got a score of 584icon_sad.gif.
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    atk wrote: »
    just did my exam today. got a score of 584icon_sad.gif.

    Over half way there. Look at your score sheet to see what you are weak in and brush up. What surprised you about the test? You'll get it next time since you've already sat the test and know what to expect.
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    congratulations on passing the 294! thanks for the tip.
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