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ok i think i need to explain more. i have knowledge enough to do my job in tech support and i can do my job very well. i just don't personally feel like i know all that i can to know to better assist my clients. it was great that people were open and honest with me. i would like to get my hands on a copy of the A+ book. so i guess now my question is: can the A+ book be old or does it have to be the newest one on the market (which i know would be best, but i can't afford that much). any other books that i should get to better assist with understanding the A+ book or is it pretty readable?
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    1st of all how did u get the job? and 2nd of all u better get crackin on the books and start learnin and understanding.

    This what I would do.

    On ur breaks get a A+ book and start readin.

    when u need questions about things ask anyone of us on here.

    start mastering it, start being the top guy in ur building and I don't mean being all mr. hotshot, I mean just knowing it but also learn from other ppl again if u don't understand what ur doing just ask that's all. I been in ur shoes, 1st I started out tech work (o BTW I don't have a job im only doing a Job tranning program) just start studing and stuing and get it in ur head!
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    what kind of tech support are you doing? i would suggest that you get hold of mike meyers' a+ all-in-one and mspress windows 2000 administrator's handbook. it all depends on what you are responsible for.
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