Being prepared made things easier.

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Sat my Hardware exam last week and successfully passed with a score of 823 which i thought was pretty good considering i only got to see 20 out of 30 questions.I was pretty confident i would pass.
I booked for my OS exam and all week i have been stressed out and not very confident due to the fact i see myself as a hardware person. To my suprise i did better on the OS than the hardware. Only got to see 20 questions once again but with a score of 1003. Cant believe it. Anyway the best advice i could give to people who feel the same way is. When you sit the Techexam practice exams dont just do the questions, enable **** mode and even if you know the answer have a look at what **** has to say. This way you can understand the principles behind the answer. It is one thing to know the answer and another to know why it is the correct answer. If you know WHY then you will be able to answer the same question worded differently which was the case for me.
Anyway I like to thank Teckexam for helping me prepare for my exam you have an execelent site.
Keep up the good work.


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