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Looking for some guidance here...

router: 2650xm running 12.4 (25c)
Slot/Wic: NM-8a/s and VWIC

Problem: when loading up, the card is not detected.

Sh Diag reveals the following..

WIC Slot 1:
T1 Drop&Insert (2 port) WAN daughter card with relays
WIC module not supported/disabled in this slot
Hardware revision 1.0 Board revision A0
Serial number 32061126 Part number 800-18412-03
FRU Part Number
Test history 0x0 RMA number 00-00-00
Connector type Wan Module
EEPROM format version 1
EEPROM contents (hex):
0x20: 01 3E 01 00 01 E9 36 C6 50 47 EC 03 00 00 00 00
0x30: 50 00 00 00 04 02 1C 01 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF

as you can see, the card is not supported or disabled. cisco.com confirms the card is supported in a WIC interface with 12.4.

Big questions, does this mean the card is defective or do I need to install my AIM-Voice-30 or something for this biyatch to go live? .. i tested my Vwic-1mft-t1 and all was well.

Can anyone shed some light on this matter for me? I ordered another card just to be on the safe side. FYI.. i dont think the card is an original.. think its a Chisco lol.


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