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I seem to be getting confused with these two types of files. icon_redface.gif
I read to believe that Autoexec.Bat cannot be edited with a text editor because Bat files are Binary.
I have also read that you can add the line : MSCDEX /D:CDROM
in a Windows 95 system to get the floppy start up to recognise your CD ROM.

Can someone correct me where I have gone wrong? :o

Thanks for looking


  • hhisgetthhisgett Member Posts: 181
    BAT are plain text files that can be edited with notepad. I have not ever seen any that are binary.

    For the Win95 Startup disk, you will need the following line in the autoexec.bat:


    Also MSCDEX will need to be located on the floppy.

    You will also need a device line in the config.sys file (which can be edited with notepad). This line will look similar to this:


    You will need to locate the drive file (the .SYS file) for you CDROM drive and add it to the floppy if you cannot locate the GSCDROM.SYS file (which is the generic CDROM driver)

    Hope that helps.
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