Exchange 07 email forwarding based on calendar?

I'm not the best at Exchange stuff, still learning, and I havnt quite figured this one out yet.

We have an on-call rotation and im trying to set our monitoring software to forward to a certain mailbox (say [email protected]) and then based on a schedule (or calendar items), have exchange forward that mailbox to certain users.

Anyone know of a way to accomplish that?


  • ClaymooreClaymoore Member Posts: 1,637
    The manual way would be for the on-call person to log on the the monitor mailbox through OWA and modify the forwarding rule to go to the next on-call person.

    You could create a transport rule with the predicate being the received day in the message header. I don't know if the transport rules wizard will give you all the options you want, but that tool would be easier to use if you aren't familiar with transport rule syntax.

    You Had Me At EHLO... : Exchange Server 2007 Transport Rules Editor GUI

    This should definitely be possible if you create the transport rule in Powershell. Try creating one rule for each day with the condition being the received date and the action being forwarding to that day's on call person. One rule for each day would make it easier to modify the rules when people switch days.

    Managing Transport Rules: Exchange 2007 Help
  • Hyper-MeHyper-Me Banned Posts: 2,059
    The problem is it rotates, so its not just day, it would be specific dates. It could also change last minute based upon someone not being able to do their rotation and someone else picking it up.

    Its definitely a conundrum.
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