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On page 525 in route filtering section it says advertise peer routes to transit providers and in solution on page 538 & 539 it use term 2 with reject action by matching community of peers and then export in BGP configuration so it will block the PEER routes advertised to Transit neighbor so can some one confirm this or I am confused with it?

David W.


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    based on the output of the verification and config, perhaps the task was intended to be export customer routes and block peer and transit?
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    requirement says:

    Advertise an aggregate route for the 10/8 space to all peers
    Advertise customer routes to all EBGP peers
    Advertise transit and peer routes to all customers
    Advertise peer routes to transit providers <<<<<<<<<<<<
    Filter all other routes to EBGP peers

    but when we are advertising routes to Transit we are blocking PEERs routes in term 2. but as per "Advertise peer routes to transit providers" statement term 2 should not be matching the routes from PEER with appropriate community with reject action.

    lab@r3# show policy-statement transit-export
    term 1 {
    from {
    protocol aggregate;
    route-filter exact;
    then accept;
    term 2 {
    from community [ peers transit ];
    then reject;

    lab@r3# show protocols bgp group t1-t2
    type external;
    import [ damp bogons community ];
    export transit-export;
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    yes i see that. either the config is wrong or the task is wrong.

    in the verification of routes though, it shows that it is sending customer routes and not peer routes. that's why i'm saying perhaps the task was originally intended to be adv customer routes, or maybe it's just a typo.

    either way, typo, mistake, wrong routes, etc, you obviously understand the concepts, tasks, and configurations, so i wouldn't get too hung up on and just move on.
  • dwater2010dwater2010 Member Posts: 33 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for your confirmation. I just wanted to check that.
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