What book?

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Hi guys,

I'm starting to prepare for Network+ exam and got an option to choose from two books:

CompTIA Network+ Certification Study Guide, Fourth Edition by Glen E. Clarke


CompTIA Network+ All-in-One Exam Guide, Fourth Edition by Mike Meyers

I know that you people talk a lot about Mike's book as being the best but thought I'd ask for an opinion anyway.

Thank you!


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    I've heard good things about both books but personally used neither. Mainly giving this post a bump so others will reply.
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    I can't say this enough "All books are not equal" when picking a book, I like to search the forums here for recommends, and got to amazon and type in Network+ and then sort by ratings.

    The final and most important step is to go to a book store and find the book you have heard to be the best and look through it. These books are expensive 30 - 90$ in alot of cases, and most places won't allow returns. So it's important to avoid the duds.

    When in the book store actually look througha and read some of it, make sure the print is large enough, make sure it's not full of errata and grammar mistakes these can make a book extremly hard to read. Look at the tables and charts and see if you can easily interpret them.

    Then you might want to buy it from amazon as a used book, this can save lots of money, when buying online pay strict attention to wich edition you are purchasing, if you get a old one, thats as good as a dud.

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    Go with the Mike Myer's book. It is a solid read and he makes it entertaining. His books also cover the exam objectives well.
  • Todd BurrellTodd Burrell Member Posts: 280
    I would vote for the Todd Lammie book. It was better than the Meyers book, but both were good.
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