IBGP between RR of same cluster and design consideration

dwater2010dwater2010 Member Posts: 33 ■■□□□□□□□□

Having IBGP session between the RR of same cluster will not be of any use as the route received from the client on one RR will not be accepted by the other RR in the same cluster

But if RR has EBGP peer then yes we will need the IBGP even between RRs too.

normally in RR design you usually avoid the RR in path of data flow so in design its good practice to avoid to have direct EBGP peers with RR.

Even in hierarchical RR design we can avoid the IBGP connection between the RR of same cluster if we have RR of that cluster fully meshed with higher level hierarchical RR cluster's RR.

Please add you input or feedback on design consideration.
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